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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Valentine's Day Quiz and News from Project Trust!

Last night I wrote and designed a Valentine's Day themed quiz in order to raise some more money! The quiz has nine questions on topics such as famous Romance novels, celebrity partners and Rom-Com films! It only costs £1 to enter and the winner will get a prize of £10. I really really hope a lot of friends and acquaintances will help out and buy a quiz because it is cheap, fun to do and they can win some money for themselves!

In other news, Project Trust has recently contacted me and informed me on several things I need to do before I go on my year away. Firstly, they warned me of which injections I need to get which in total is about six. Ouch! I'll have to stir up all my braveness for the day I do get them. They are also advising me to take a First Aid Course which I very much plan to do hopefully around some time in the Summer Holidays. Additionally they told me what the dates are for my training week - from Saturday 7th to Wednesday 11th of July. It will be held on an island called Coll which is off the West Coast of Scotland and is where Project Trust is based and there I will meet who my partner who I will be for the whole year and learn essential skills and knowledge that I need for living abroad. I can't wait!

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