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Thursday, 19 January 2012

I Got Mail Today....!!

There are two pieces of exciting news I have to tell:

Firstly today when I walked into my house there was a letter waiting for me. I tore open the envolope and there waiting for me was a cheque for £300 to go towards fundraising for my year away! It was from a very generous relative of mine who will be getting a thank you letter sent his way very soon. What a way to kick off my fundraising!

Secondly, I finished my preliminary exams today and for some reason this has taken a huge pressure off me. A week ago I recieved an unconditional offer for deferred entry to the University of Glasgow and now that I have my life after my year away sorted, I don't have to feel too stressed about my exams - I'll still work hard though, honest! With the prelims finished I have felt like I have made headway with my courses and between now and my final exams in May I can really focus on fundraising. With my first cheque arriving today, I have a sudden spur of excitement to really get going! I am nearly ready to send away all my letters to Charitable Trusts (there is a post about that coming soon) and I am now ready to organise lots of events!

So there you go! Just to finish off, here is a little illustration of how excited I feel at the moment!

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