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Thursday, 19 January 2012


Today I sent away 117 letters to Charitable Trusts! Charitable Trusts are usually a small network of people who donate money to different charities or charitable causes. In Britain every year they give away approximately £750,000,000. The hope is that the Trusts I have sent letters and leaflets to will have an interest in my voluntary work and want to help me out! I am glad this day has come because it took a lot of hard work to get here....

The Process of Sending My Letters

Firstly I had to go to the library and look through the Book of Charitable Trusts they have. Here I would seek out the trusts I fitted the criteria in order to apply to. It took about 4 sessions of 4-5 hours to be able to write down all the addresses but luckily I was armed with sweets and Coca-Cola to make the time more enjoyable!

Secondly, I had to design a leaflet to enclose in my letters to the Trusts. The leaflets basically included information about me and why I wanted to volunteer for a year, about Project Trust and what they do, where the money you donate goes to and a little bit of information on Cambodia. I found making the leaflet fun because it is not an activity I get to do everyday!

Afterwards I had to write the letters which I put bucket loads of thought and consideration into! After I had printed them off, my Mum and Dad stepped into help. Whilst I was studying, they folded all of the letters and leaflets and even wrote some of the envelopes! I am grateful for all of their help and support during this process.

And now all the letters are off! I just now have to nervously wait for all the replies whilst I now have time to organise fundraising events. 

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