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Friday, 27 January 2012

Trying, Trying, Trying

So I have just set up a Virgin Money Giving account! This is where people can donate online to me by using their debit or credit card and so it is not a lot of hassle for them! The advantages of this page is that the money goes straight to Project Trust under my name instead of me having to send it off. The disadvantages of this though is that Virgin takes a charge off the donation however I think it is only 2% so that is not too bad. I am grateful for any donation anyway :) Visit the page at

In other news, I have been trying to contact a possible location for the Ceilidh ( a social Scottish kind of dance night) I am planning to hold and so are just waiting for them to get back to me! I am also on the mission to look for a cheap Ceilidh band to make the night complete but I am just very worried that the price of hiring will be too high to get much of a profit from :( Meanwhile I am selling a few Valentine's Quizzes with one person handing back such an entry with hilarious answers! Next week I will be full steam with trying to convince people to buy them! Fundraising is such a huge task and sometimes it feels rather heavy but I am so determined to make it. Here's a few pictures of which fundraising activities I would like to do (although some are rather unrealistic!)

sponsored tandem plane jump

coffee morning

sponsored swim

karaoke party

bake sale



Now just need to put my plans into motion!

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